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The advantages of MPM

The technique of Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix (MPM)
, improves the qualities of the mix bone/PRF to create a stable compound. It realizes its taking as an homogenous moulding compound making easier the handling of the filling produces and confers complementary biologic properties.

The characteristics of this type of activated mix is to make an homogeneous compound trapping the nucleus of the bony surrogate. They stick together thanks to a collagen binding, loaded of cells from the precipitate and growth factors released by the cytokines.

The penetration into the crystal filling materials is absolute and homogeneous.This homogeneity is a propitious factor for bone reconstruction, it found in all the filling space a uniform density of active products. Thereby, the platelets extract is not isolated as scattered island in the middle of filling material isolated itself, as we observe in the conventional mix technique.In the handling part, as bone fragment or filling material is tapped into a fi brous mesh they are not allowed to move or quit the receiver site.

Advantages of the technique :

One of the characteristics in filling technique is to allow missing volumes to be restored and using immobility principles of the graft to help the bone regeneration.

In Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) technique, key of success and migration of cells is the preservation of the shape and immobility "in situ" of the component. In the classical mixing technique the absence of inter- crystalline link does not allow this good shape preservation.

The particles disconnect and move as the fragment moves.In the MPM Technic, we can observe, thanks to the fibrin around each granule, the maintain of the overcontour realized by the surgeon. In the clinical part, using filling component as MPM takes a particular importance in all grafts on periodontal or implant sites.

 It helps material transport and makes sure its implementation. It homogenizes the plasmatic dosage in the dense fibrin network. Its biological asset is, during the preoperative part, a partial realization of the vascular and cellular stage of the inflammatory process is done, that allows a better invasion of biologic factors in the graft zone.

Handling the MPM protocol is easy but need a particular training to get the best results. This type of matrix has an osseoconductive power and driving character because of the growth factor included in it.


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