Fully Integrated for Digital Dentistry

MoonRay D is an all-in-one system for digital dentistry that allows you to quickly and easily print accurate crowns and copings, surgical guides, and other dental models.
At the core of MoonRay D is the RayOneD DLP projector, developed for 3D printing and calibrated for use in the dental industry. RayOneD works with our custom-formulated materials, including castable resin and biocompatible resins. The 3D-printing process is simplified by RayWare Dental, our powerful software created specifically for dental professionals.
MoonRay D’s hardware, software, and materials work together to deliver optimal accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use for the dental industry.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software

MoonRay D strikes the right balance between wireless and connected. Within RayWare Dental, you can check for a detailed print status update, including time remaining, and quickly see which machines are ready to begin a new print.
RayWare Dental software is compatible with common 3D file types from intraoral scanners and allows you to start printing in just a few clicks. It will guide you through the printing process, generate necessary supports, and provide recommended settings and materials to ensure your parts print properly every time.

What’s in the package:

MoonRay D 3D Printer
RayWare Dental Software Access
Resin Tank
Spare Resin Drum
Build Platform
1 Liter of Dental Resin
Finishing Kit
Power Supply
Ethernet Cable

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