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Customized 3D Bone

ATOLL IMPLANT 3D planning software is a diagnostic tool easy to use. This software package allows you to perform a 3D implant
simulation directly on your PC.
You can simulate the implant position on 2D & 3D models, identify the mandibular canal, draw bone model panoramics and sections,
show the 3D bone model and calculate the bone density. Thanks to ATOLL IMPLANT 3D you can plan the prothesis implant operation
more safely, efficiently and quickly.
ATOLL IMPLANT 3D generates panoramic, sections and 3D bone model through reading axial images.
This enables you to know both the patient anatomic model under all respects and the exact implant position as to the mandibular canal
and the bone structure before the dental operation.
This software will allow you to order your surgical guides in a few clicks...
With a database of more than 50 implant brands, this software allows the planning of all your clinical cases.

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