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  • Are each elements which are inside MPM similar to those which are in PRF?

    Each elements we can find in PRF are found in MPM but there is a larger amount of platelets and cells in MPM because it is the total plasmatic volume wich is recolted. On the other hand, it remains a noticeable quantity of white phase in PRF’s collection tubes.

  • Why is this process better than heterogeneous compound?

    MPM is better than PRF-biomaterials combination because it homogenizes the cell phase and the growth factors at the same time in a malleable structure. This structure allows the grains dispersal and volume maintenance. On the other hand, the entire platelets fraction is founded in MPM whereas an important part of platelets disappears in PRF supernatant. The biological richness of the mixing is consequently increased.

  • Can I prepare MPM before the surgery?

    No. Contrary to PRF, the MPM requires an uninterrupted cycle for its fabrication. When the reaction has begun, it has to go to the end.

  • Does it works whatever the biomaterial I use?

    The reaction doesn’t depend on the material used. If the materials don’t have calcium phase in their structure, the reaction can be slower.

  • Which ones work it better?

    Patient’s bone is the best, B-TCP biomaterial (like ISIOS+) is one which works well with MPM.

  • Do I have to learn to take blood or do I need a nurse?

    Both situations are possible. We recommend you to learn to take blood, it will be more comfortable.

  • Can I wait to put the MPM in place?

    Once it is realized, the MPM can stay in serum and doesn’t need to be placed immediately. However, once it is placed and shaped to the site’s morphology, it can’t be modified anymore to be adapted to a new site. It must be conserved without the necessity to realize a preliminary flattening in order to keep its flexibility.

  • Does this process work for a more than 6 mm height?

    The process works whatever the height required. However, its stability is equal to the graft one. In case of excessive height, a casing must be provided. In the same conditions, a graft will also need to be stabilized. If we want to rebuild significant heights, it is necessary to augment its base when it's time to shape it morphologically in place. It is the base surface which will realize its stability. Once it is compressed, its height will remain.

  • Do I have to fix it with a membrane or with a screw?

    It is useless to fix it with a membrane. Like any graft, if its spontaneous stability is impossible, a casing could be realized by using an osteosynthesis screws set laterally.

  • Is it possible to realize a MPM with only one blood sample tube?

    MPM kit contains 4 tubes. We advise you to use the 4 because the weight factor is important to have a good structure. The material will be compressed on the site, and because of this compression, it will lose some volume. It is therefore necessary to have a large enough MPM for a qualitative restoration.

  • Can we reuse the tubes?

    It is strictly prohibited to reuse the tubes. An open tube is neither sterile nor functional.

  • Can I use others tubes than those in the kit?

    No because they are adapted to the setting reaction. They favor the sedimentation of the different fractions to avoid PRF primary creation.

  • Can I use another instrument than the probe to make the “cotton candy”?

    No because the probe fineness is adapted to the fibrin coiling. A more solid instrument does not create the “cotton candy” effect.

  • Can I freeze the obtained MPM to reuse it thereafter on the same patient?

    No. Conservation conditions of products derived from blood are incompatible with dental surgery use. This technique is prohibited.

  • I am used to use my centrifuge with constant parameters: 2700 rpm during 15 minutes to realize a PRF. Do I have to change my centrifuge?

    No, all the centrifuges are adapted to the MPM and PRF creation. It must be able to contain 9 ml tube and to be digital (for more precision as for rotation duration), angular, and that it can reach a maximum speed of 4000 rpm.

  • Is it possible to do not use the cups?

    No because the cups enable to prepare the MPM phase in the red cup, and the PRF phase in the yellow cup. Use one only of the two comes down to deny yourself of the PRF phase. Use another container makes difficult the “candy floss” phase obtaining. PRF lenticular aspect optimization obtained in the yellow cup enables to make coverings in selecting thickness and density by crashing. The PRF thickness choice is done by PRF compression between the two white lids of the cups. Compress interposition make the result denser. White lids are used for transport the material on the site.

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