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The monobloc abutment

There are 2500 to 3000 different implants on the market. They all have more or less similar connections. They are based on abutment screwing principle. These mechanical designs, more or less varied, paradoxically finish by a restraint: seal prosthesis on screwed elements, to the detriment of maintenance.

From the descriptive point of view, ATOLL® system is made of 2 complementary elements:
- The implant, intra-osseous matrix
- The abutment extended with a Blade Locking getting locked in implant well

Traditionally, the proposed sets combine an implant to an abutment and this one to its prosthesis, through a pillar screw and prosthesis screw (pieces staking).

These complex design systems are based on screwing principle (Image.1).
In ATOLL ® system, the abutment is locked in the implant without any assembling screw
(Image. 2)

Image. 1 :

Image. 2 :

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