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ISIOS+ is a synthetic bone substitute with exceptionally high porosity (90%) and total interconnection.

Thanks to this porosity and its chemical composition (beta-TCP), when implanted in bone,
ISIOS+ is replaced in 6 or 7 months by neoformed bone tissue.


- Sinus graft
- Bone loss correction
- Filling alveoli
- Periodontology


ISIOS+ is entirely composed of beta-TCP. Beta-TCP, or beta-tricalcium phosphate, belongs to the same chemical family as the mineral substance of bone, so that osseointegration is complete when it is placed in a bone site.


Bone cores were sampled at D+3 months from the sinuses previously filled with ISIOS+. In all cases, the same degree of bone remodeling was seen (see imagery below). Please note on the second picture the perfect apposition of bone to biomaterial, evidence of its osseointegration.


Global ISIOS+ porosity is close to 90%. Both macroporosity and microporosity are present.

The macroporous component is made up of large-sized pores (0.2 to 0.5 mm), all interconnected. (See scanning electron microscope image). This interconnected macroporosity allows bone tissue to penetrate into the heart of the biomaterial (osseointegration by osseoconduction).

The next step is the start of the ISIOS+ bone remodeling process, during which bone cells will be fragmenting and digesting the biomaterial while they produce new bone replacement tissue.


ISIOS +150-500 µm

Grain size: 150-500 μm (0.15 to 0.5 mm)
Designed for periodontal indications.

ISIOS +500-1000 µm

Grain size: 500-1000 μm (0.5 to 1 mm)
Recommended for alveolar filling and more generally,
medium-sized bone defect filling.

ISIOS + 1000-2000 µm

Grain size: 1000-2000 μm (1 to 2 mm)
Recommended for sinus lift.

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