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Guided sulcular regeneration

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In everyday practice, in human clinical, to obtain an aesthetics unit implant result, realizing a beautiful crown is not enough. The prosthesis should give a great feeling of mucosa emergence.

To obtain such a result, molecular biology gives a number of directions to follow, we have use them to discover guided sulcular regeneration, which is a positive action on cellular growth according to the prosthetic insertion technique.

If the contours emergence means a combined control of the bone, the gum and the transgingival abutment, the last one can have a favorable action on cellular growth as we will show you. This technique is called Guided Sulcular Regeneration (GSR).

Sulcular regeneration intends to improve the tissue control during the mucosal healing through contact with the definitive prosthesis.

The means used rest on the "Blade Locking" abutment. This kind of abutment is connected to the prosthesis and enables thanks to its insertion to realize an expansive model of the gum festoon.

« Blade Locking » prosthesis is caracterized by abutment and crown union at the laboratory, the system is placed in one clinical time. The "Blade Locking" is manipulated like a Richmond prosthesis.

We highlight benefits related to this technique, regarding the cap screw, the pseudo-radicular volume, the gum festoon. We will show how the "Blade Locking" prosthesis enables to create the sulcus reshaping and to guide the mucous membrane healing.

The presentation target is to show how to improve the aesthetic results and to make them more predictable by the technique, thanks to guided sulcus regeneration.



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