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The "Jeudis de l'implant" trainings

Description Jeudis de l'implant  trainings

Atoll « Jeudis de l’implant » training is a complete training course in implantology, from simple surgeries to advanced surgeries. It takes place beforehand university education and proposes a global vision of implantology to validate requirements for any advance and for university procedure.

 This education, which is supervised by experimented clinician, broaches surgical, prosthetic, periodontal and occlusal aspects of edentulism (total or partial) treatment.

Training Objectives :

  • To develop knowledge of oral rehabilitation techniques
  • To propose solutions for every kind of edentulism problem
  • To breath new life to daily practice
  • To establish and maintain patient relationship

The training has the particularity to work for practicioner’s independence by putting surgical and prosthetic phases of implantology treatment into practice. Implant treatment’s essential themes are broached within a participants’ small group. So, the training manager is quite capable to answer the questions and the doubts of each one. The practical training is also primordial to secure first surgeries.

Courses options are adaptable in accordance with your situation. Every course have an implantology’s theoretical approach then an implantology’s practical approach. This allows everyone to acquire a real clinical experience. The schedule is assessed according the students needs.

Courses take place every first Thursday of the month in Toulouse.

WARNING : Considering that students number is limited, it is better to send the provisional registration as soon as possible...

Theorical program:

  • About implantology (case presentation/indications)
  • 1st meeting: Indication, Radiology, CT
  • O.R preparation
  • Occlusion
  • Abutments:
    • Mechanical studies of abutments
    • Fundamental principles (screwing/unscrewing)
  • Standard surgery
  • Incision techniques for 2nd step surgery and healing
  • Impressions over implants
  • 1 crown prosthesis
  • Guided Sulcular regeneration
  • Plural overdentures
  • Screwed prosthesis
  • Sinus Lift surgeries
  • Bone grafting, Platelets rich products

Practical program:

  • O.R preparation practice
  • Implant surgery practice
  • Incision and sutures practice
  • Impression over implants practice
  • Sinus Lift practice

Inscription fees :

Option n° 1:
- «  Jeudis de l’implant » Training course: 2 500 €
Option n° 2:
- «  Jeudis de l’implant » Training course + Surgical kit  or  Surgical tool box:  3 245  €
 (so, 745 € the surgical kit instead of 1490 €)

Option n° 3:

- «  Jeudis de l’implant » Training course + Surgical kit + Surgical tool box: 3 850 € (instead of 4500 €)

Dates :

The training course takes place each 1st Thursday of the month in Toulouse

For the next year, dates are:

  • October, Thursday 11th, 2018
  • November, Thursday 8th 2018
  • December, Thursday 6th 2018
  • January, Thursday 10th 2019
  • February, Thursday 7th 2019
  • March, Thursday 21st 2019
  • April, Thursday 18th 2019
  • May, Thursday 16th 2019
  • June, Thursday 6th 2019

Organization of the training course :

  • Morning : Theorical and practical course
  • Afternoon : O.R  (Dr PERISSE clinic, 16 rue Maurice Fonvieille, 31000 TOULOUSE). For organisation reasons, these O.R are reserved for students who lives out of the department ,

Each student can participate to all surgery he wants all the year long (out of the day of the course) having told previously the secretary. 

We remind you the attendance of the course is obligatory.

Training Price

2500.00 € Add to Cart

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