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Customized 3D bone

Because each bone defect is unique, your bone graft has to be unique too !

Customized bone graft is now possible thanks to Customized 3D bone®.

Customized 3D bone is a bovine biomaterial which can be created to meet every bone graft expectation. Associated with MPM skills, it creates a 3D MPM.
Its porosity enables a high wettability of the material and helps plasmatic blood cells and platelets penetration. Thanks to its high performances, its resistance and its shape preservation over time, it's a prominent partner for your bone graft with a volume of more than 2cc.

Customized 3D bone is the guarantee of your graft surgeries success:

- Ensure time saving during the surgery

- Enable perfect contact between the graft and the recipient site
- Avoid graft harvesting surgery

- Avoid loss of biomaterial
- Enable to fill extensive bone loss
- Its porosity enables to use it in MPM protocol

Reassure, inform your patients and secure your surgeries

Graft planning is guaranteed by 3D printing of the anatomical pieces and estimated graft of your patient.

This will allow you to inform clearly the patient about his surgery and to make him understand the graft stake.

Whether it is in apposition, in filling or by mortise and tenon, 3D printing technique becomes a decision support tool by allowing to make surgery previously on the clinical case copy to secure your gesture and to reach the advanced surgery.

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