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The features of the implant.

The implant is available in different lengths (8, 10, 13, 15mm). Its shape is conical. The apex is not traumatic.
Its diameter can be 3, 75 and 5,5 mm. A central hole opens a space to the abutment. A clearly audible "click" inform that the abutment take precisely place in the implant.
Conventional implants deteriorate their internal screw thread because of multiple uses:
- to be a transmission to the screwing implant in the bone,
- to serve to the setting up of the growth screw
- to be a fixing to the prosthesis screw

These 4 uses create operating which deteriorate internal screw thread. They are behind screw thread degradation and numerous unscrewing on conventional implants.

On the contrary, Atoll implant preserves its structure integrity:To overcome this negative effect, Atoll system has a ratchet's hexagonal receiver situated at the end of the hole.


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