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Atoll Implant few dates

1987 DIAMI group creation to work on implant coating and research and development to create the first implant by Atoll.

1989 Conception, manufacture and installation of the first Atoll implant series with a clip connection (under the name of LISA). Production site was BMA in “la Vallée de la Cluze”, France

1994 Creation of ATOLL implant Company. Implementation of a quality organization and achievement of EC label.
  Creation of BTI range

1996 Achievement of the ISO 13485 certification.

2006 Widening of the range :
  • Beautyfind® implant conception, self-tapping and conical (BSI)
  • Creation of the Hexalock® range with an internal Octagon

  • 2009 Transfer of manufacturing site in Switzerland

    2011 The Atoll research goes on bone regeneration and creates the Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix

    2014 Development of graft technics by 3D printing

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